Knots & Tarps – Sat Mar 30 – register by noon Mar 15 to avoid cancellation

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    Kallie Cunningham

    Unfortuneately, we have no registrations to date for SKABC’s Knots & Tarps course on morning of Saturday March 30. We appreciate that it is on the Easter Weekend.  However, if you missed it and are interested, we require 8 registered and paid participants by noon on Friday March 15 or the course will be cancelled.  Please go to the website, sign in and register.  If we do not meet the minimum number of 8  registration fees will be refunded.

    Here is the description of this fun and informative 3 hr course as found on the member website:

    • Do you have trouble remembering how to tie knots?
    • Do you have trouble rigging up tarps that don’t sag in the wind or rain?
    • This course teaches only 8 knots that you can use to secure kayaks and set-up tarps in camp. 
    • You will learn:
      – how to use the 8 knots in any kayaking/camping environment to rig fully adjustable tarp systems and
      – about rope composition, what type of rope to buy and where to buy rope.
    • Bob will also demonstrate his food cache system and everyone will have a chance to operate it!
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    Bob Maher

    I took the Knots & Tarps course years ago and it is a great course. I have have been using it for Kayaking as well as many other areas around the house, rigging tarps for friends, using the Knots in many circumstances not related to Kayaking and emergency situations.

    It would be a shame if the Knots & Tarps has to be cancelled as the skills learned can be used in many other areas and the skills will be used for a life time.

    Bob Maher

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