Klepper ocean kayak

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    Kevin Amos

    I was hoping to contact someone in the Vancouver area who might be interested in a restoration project of a Klepper kayak my father had shipped over from Germany in the 80s I believe.

    In my 20s I used this boat every summer for years & it was in the ocean at Prince Rupert & Haida Gwaii in 1999. Still has the original oars & I will have to check the sail, sadly I think it may be missing the steering components. The cover needs to be replaced but I believe the collapsable frame is still solid. I was really hoping to salvage this kayak, if anyone understands the classic value in it. Would be happy to sell cheap to save it.

    I forgot to mention it is a 2 seater kayak as well! I will measure it when we lower it from garage storage, my father has passed away & we must sell everything. It is quite long though. Feel free to contact me as well 780-740-5000 (my real cell #) or by email is ok too.  kareblue@yahoo.ca


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