Kinder Morgan Protest – Flotilla Oct 28

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    Simone Avram

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    This is an email I hoped to never have to send. Kinder Morgan has started construction on its export terminal in the Burrard Inlet despite tremendous opposition from First Nations and communities all along its route, without support from the BC government and with no real climate considerations. The company is bulldozing ahead with their plans — and they have the full support of the Trudeau government.

    The stakes are high but the fight isn’t over. That’s why on October 28th we’re helping organize a massive flotilla of kayaks and canoes right in the heart of the Kinder Morgan terminal in the Burrard Inlet. If I’m being honest, we shouldn’t have to do this. But, our government chose the interests of big polluters over protecting people, water and the climate.

    In just over a week, on October 28th, we’ll gather on the land, then paddle out to send a powerful message to politicians, investors, and Kinder Morgan that people are willing to do whatever it takes to stop this dangerous pipeline. The Trudeau government is betting that people power won’t rise to the challenge of stopping this pipeline. It’s up to us to prove them wrong by getting as many people as possible out on the land and the water on October 28th. Join us.

    If built, the Kinder Morgan pipeline would be the emissions equivalent of adding 34 millions cars to Canada’s roads. It would mean nearly 400 more tar sands tankers passing along the Pacific coast each year, with a spill pretty much guaranteed. And, it would trample the rights of Indigenous communities vehemently opposing this project. We have too much to lose and we have no choice but to rise up and give this fight everything we’ve got. That’s why, I’m asking you with urgency today, to be a part of this crucial historical moment.

    We have seen time after time, that people power works, especially when we’re standing up to protect the land, water and the climate. It’s time for us to take bold action to defeat Kinder Morgan.

    With hope and resolve,

    Cam Fenton

    P.S. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this timeline of how people power defeated Energy East.


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    Karin Hartner

    This will be an organized event. If you click on the highlighted area in the email posted by Simone, it says that the time is not yet decided but launch for the larger group will be at Cates Park.

    Shirley Brunke and I intend to go to this–we went to the last one. If we wish to have a group presence as a club, let me know and we can make arrangements to gather as soon as we know more. We will be expected to register with the organizers as individuals–so please do this. It will be a safety issue.

    Contact me at    and I’ll try to organize us with follow-up information. as I receive it.

    Maureen Benzon

    Does anyone know how to reach out to the ww  and canoe paddlers?

    Maureen Benzon

    I’m in. Can we post a time and the best place to launch?

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