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    Sarah Cummins

    Needing a rental place to store my kayak near Port Moody. Anyone got space to rent ?

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    Nick Heath

    If local public facilities are full to capacity, it is worth writing to your municipal council to raise your concerns and lobby for some additional space. All other sports recreation groups already do this  – tennis, pickleball, soccer, hockey, diving etc.

    If you think SKABC should do this on behalf of our members, first we’ll need some data – who is full and when do they expect to have space for kayak storage. How many craft do they accommodate. Does it have gear lockers and a change area?

    Casual observation suggests to me that folks in smaller communities are much better served with small-scale recreation facilities than we are here in Metro.

    Daniel Ducai

    Hello, I’m posting this in the same forum because I’m in the same situation as Sarah last year. I just moved to an apartment in Port Moody and I’m urgently looking for storage for my kayak. Every sailing and kayak club seems to be full and waiting lists packed at seams, which is very fascinating. Does anyone have extra space in their backyard near Port Moody? I don’t have an issue with paying for the space like at any other kayak/sailing club. Thanks.

    John Lippert

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve got some extra room at my place just up in Coquitlam. Send me an email at tidaljourneys@gmail.com and we can chat about options.


    Philip Kubik

    Commercial kayak storage is available at Rocky Point for $25/mo.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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