Kayak storage solutions

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    Daniel Ducai

    Hello everyone, this is my first question in this forum since joining SKABC. I would like to know what kinds of storage alternatives exist out there for conveniently storing a kayak, when people live Condos or places that don’t have enough space. At the moment I am very lucky to have found a landlord who allows me to store my covered kayak protected under their deck, but I wonder what will happen next once I move out. Thanks for any comments.

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    Frank McGuire

    Cameron, thank you, you’re totally right but what to do if you got a 14′ monster(mine) that is not suitable for average racks and tight storages…  Still keeping it under a good neighbor’s deck…

    Jody Chan

    I’m an owner in a older condo. I obtained permission from the strata council to install a pulley system in the stall assigned to me in the underground. The stall is limited common property. I drive a smallish car so I’m able to drive in with my kayak on the roof and raise it about 3 feet above my car.

    I was a little lucky with my strata council. I had also lived in the building for a long time before my request which probably helped.

    Also, make sure you adhere to the fire code.

    Good luck!

    Nick Jones

    Jericho use to have an area where you could rent a rack for your kayaks.

    Hollyburn Sailing Club in West Van has racks for members.

    Cameron Redenbach

    very good question

    -friend or relative with under deck space

    -boat,sail, canoe, kayak club that has rental location

    -storage unit

    Presently my 2 current design kayaks are kept in a storage unit. Not practical or economic but that’s what I have

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