Kayak Storage ideas

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    Adrian Cormier


    Looking for a better solution for kayak storage.

    I am in the West End and am renting a 20′ container on Mitchell Island for my kayaks and other sporting equipment/ personal stuff (used to live much closer to Marine Drive). Container is not cheap ($250/mo) and restricts my use of the boats as the drive there and back is ridiculous (tend to head to North Shore more often than not).

    Have noted in the forum suggestions for kayak / sailing club storage, which would be an excellent option except seems to be waitlist for most fenced on-site storage. Looking for something on the North Shore and open to creative suggestions. Have 3 rotomolded boats – CR Scirroco, ┬áNecky Looksha and a Perception Prodigy (10′- suitable for youngster or other smaller paddler). Would be willing to consider paying for use of someone’s garage or backyard or maybe splitting the cost of a 20′ container on N Shore 2-3 ways. Would be open to include sharing use of boats in full/part exchange.

    Must be a better way. My current setup is costly and inconvenient.


    Adrian Cormier



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    Peter Kearney

    Hi Adrian,

    Check out the Hollyburn Sailing Club. Lo cost community club with club house and storage at Ambleside. I keep 2 boats there.

    Cheers, Peter

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