Kayak and hike in the Baja

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    Theresa Davies

    I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who has done this – with or without a guide, and/or is willing to join me. I am thinking of later February, 2024. Any advice, tips,  would be appreciated. I have looked into Sea Kayak Adventures as they offer several of these sorts of itineraries- hiking, kayaking, whale watching. Thanks

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    John McIntyre


    Helen and I have done two of the Sea Kayak Adventures trips.  The first one we did was out of Loreto and eventually  to Isla Santa Catalina.  When we did the trip it was early March probably the second week.  We saw everything in terms of wildlife – whales, dolphins, rays etc.; there was plenty of snorkeling and hiking opportunities.  However, we were told by the guides that the trip the week before us it was windy and  they didn’t see anything and the week after us they didn’t see any wildlife either.

    We also did the trip out of La Paz to San Juan.  That trip was not as exciting, long paddles between stops, some hiking.  We did not see any wildlife other than the fish while snorkeling.  Snorkeling not as good as the Isla trip.  The one good thing about La Paz is that a group of us after the trip went snorkeling with the whale sharks in Magdalena Bay.

    Bruce Pickwell

    Helena and I did the trip to the off-shore islands (National Park) near Loreto  in 2006 over Christmas
    We used the tour company Tofino.com (based in Oregon) and they are still around
    One of their trips is Loretto to La Paz, so that is probably the best bet.
    Terry and Simone past club members organized a self supported trip in spring 2007 but it was challenging because of the poor quality of the rental Kayaks.
    I can’t give any advice about cycling because that was not part of our trip.
    Bruce.Pickwell@telus.net 604-613-3827

    Quirine Schuyff

    I’d be interested in planning for another year Andrea!

    Andrea Kovits

    Hi Theresa,

    Great topic. I hope you can pull together a fantastic trip!

    In 2019 I did a guided kayak trip out of La Paz – it was a circumnavigation of Espirito Santos, a world heritage site, with Baja Outdoor Adventures (BOA). They were excellent and it was a wonderful trip. I definitely recommend BOA as another resource for you.

    For the future, I’m interested in kayaking Loreto to La Paz and want to learn more about it. BOA does a guided trip which I’m considering, but I am also curious about doing it self-guided. If others are interested, it would be fun to discuss. I’m happy to hear there may be an upcoming presentation on kayaking the Baja.

    Quirine Schuyff

    I would LOVE to do this, and go with you. However, my job doesn’t allow such short term plans. The booking for this time period passed in October and we are now booking for May-Dec. I look forward to hearing about the info you find out and the trip!

    Esmeralda Cabral

    Hi Theresa. We kayaked out of Loreto many years ago with Tofino Expeditions. It was amazing. I see they’re still in biz. I’ll follow this conversation with interest. So tempted to join you!


    Vincent Law

    The best hikes i have ever done were near Loreto. We went right after a period of rain and the dessert came alive, lots of swim holes and little animals, no people. I can give you more info if you’re interested.

    Annette Muttray

    Hi Theresa.

    I don’t have info myself, but a friend from long ago (who sold his beloved Nordkapp to me!) settled in San Carlos and is running a kayaking/nature guiding business. His name is Jack Dean Wilde and his website and contacts are https://directory.whatsupsancarlos.com/jack-wilde-adventures/   Check him out and if you’d like a more personal introduction than a website contact I can email him and introduce you. I’m sure he would be happy to also just provide info even if you don’t want to go guided. Just let me know.


    Kevin Hall

    Hi Theresa, I’ve been in touch with someone to present to our club on this exact type of trip. She’s travelled Baja many times both guided and unguided. We haven’t locked in a date yet for her presentation, but if you email me at programs2@skabc.org I can put you in touch.

    I hope you get input from other members as well. It sounds like an amazing place to paddle and enjoy the outdoors!

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