July multi-day trips?

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    Theresa Davies

    Looking to join or help organize a multi-day kayak adventure for anytime after July 10. Anything from West Coast to local; parameters would be moderate conditions, easy pace, possibly some hiking. If you have an idea or are interested in my ideas, contact me- I’ve done 25+ trips from Haida Gwaii to Granite Falls over the past 20 years.

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    I’m new to SKABC but not new to kayaking.  I just finished my paddle canada level 2 up around surge narrows and would love to do more paddling in that area – Quadra, Cortes, Read island areas?  I’ve boated around there so know it somewhat?  Lots of time in July but my wife is up on Cortez July 10 so would be nice to overlap.
    brock lumsden

    Lorraine Sharpsteen


    I’m not available in July but am interested in moderate conditions, easy pace multi-day trips, so keep me in mind for August or another time.

    Lorraine Sharpsteen

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