Jervis Inlet, April 9

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    Reed Clarke

    I have a Jervis Inlet camp in the trips list scheduled for April 9. Perhaps you are thinking it might be a bit cold up there at that time of the year. Oh, it could be worse than that. Tomorrow the forecasters are predicting this area could see over 50 mm of rain. Hey, April 9 could be cold AND wet in Jervis Inlet.

    So, why schedule a Spring trip into Jervis? Well, first off, it can be beautiful up there with snow covered peaks and water running off cliffs everywhere. Also, there will only be a few yachts visiting the area. Try going in August and you’ll understand that remark.

    But, what is really important here is that somewhere in April or May, there will be a good stretch of weather. And, if you want to see those beautiful peaks, that is the time to go. This trip is going to be what I call a “slider”. It is not locked to April 9. It will likely slide to late April or early May. But, we will begin seriously watching the forecast in early April, trying to spot when that decent weather opening is coming along. When it appears on the horizon, the trip will get locked in.

    What I need is a group interested in doing this paddle. Obviously, this will have to be people who have some flexibility in their schedule. We need to do our route planning in advance. We will have to have as much packing and food preparation completed as possible. Then, once we pick our dates, we’ll finalize packing and head for Egmont.

    The trip will be for 7 or 8 days. We will not only camp in Princess Louisa Inlet, we will be taking a swing into the seldom visited top end of Jervis Inlet.

    A note on paddling experience. My intent is to keep this to a 2B/C level paddle. But, I can’t guarantee we won’t hit some wind in front of Vancouver Bay. At times it can be a tough area to deal with. The good news is that there are plenty of little spots we can run to and wait things out, should it get too rough. The upper Jervis area is usually pretty easy paddling. So, while this isn’t a recommended trip for beginners, it is still suitable for a wide range of paddlers.

    I don’t want the group to get too big, six total, certainly no more than eight. There are some big campsites in Jervis, but there are also some we may have to brush out a bit to get a group in.

    So, if you have the flexible schedule to join us on a Spring trip to Jervis Inlet, send me an e-mail and we’ll get the planning started.

    Cheers, Reed (

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    Reed Clarke

    Okay, so we did this paddle from April 23 – 29. We were able to visit Jervis before the big melt, enjoying great views of mountain snow fields.

    If you would like to read about this trip and see some pics check out my blog, here:

    Chris Lazatin

    Hello Reed,

    I also sent you an email. I also have the time and flexibility.


    604 440 3294

    Anja Pakendorf

    Hi Reed !


    I tried to e- mail you but link does not wotk.  I have the time off and am very much interested.




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