ISO Storage for a 17′ Sea Kayak

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    Hello Paddlers,

    I am moving to a condo in two weeks and am in need of a spot to store my 17 ft fiberglass sea kayak somewhere on the north shore (north van, west van, deep cove). I live in Lynn Valley.

    A garden spot would be perfectly fine if someone has a nook. I don’t mind paying a stipend either.

    Or, perhaps there is somewhere that I could pay to store it and paddle out from there? I’ve called around but have had no luck so far.

    I’ve only been back in BC a year, so still getting oriented to all things paddling here (many years spent on Lake Superior). Thanks for any suggestions!



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    Thanks forĀ  your reply Jennifer! It would be great to meet another lover of Gitchegoomi, and thanks for this lead. It is a bit of a drive, but I will definitely check it out. It might be a great option and my friends here tell me that we need to leave the north shore sometimes, so there’s that… lol.


    Thanks again.


    Jennifer Wilson


    welcome to BC. I spent many years near Lake Superior in MN. Lovely area.
    One option is the Jericho Beach Sailing club. They charge $171 plus club membership. I am storing my kayak there. Great way to meet other paddlers. I love in New West so can be tough to get there. But SKABC is planning some paddles out of there. And every Tuesday and Friday their are social paddles.

    take care

    Jennifer Wilson

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