Ideas on Salmon Fishing from Sea Kayak and tips/advice

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    Corey Plester

    Thinking of getting into salmon fishing  from my sea kayak. Is anyone familiar with this, if so do you have any tips on salmon rod type, gear etc. Looks like it would be quite an exhilarating experience to have one reeled in!




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    Redouane Fakir

    Yes I did, thanks Corey, and I will follow  up very soon. Crazy schedule these first few days of academic year, with catastrophic impact on paddling time 🙁

    Corey Plester

    Hey Redouane

    I sent you an email  about those questions you asked. Hopefully you use that email.


    cheers, Corey

    Redouane Fakir

    Hey Sandra. Do you remember if you ‘landed’ your salmon with a net or a gaff or if another kayaker helped you scoop it up? I would think that last part of the action has got to be one of the trickiest..

    Corey Plester

    Sandra, great tips! That Lilly pad makes so much sense, and isn’t a bad price either.

    I don’t have the greatest rod, so I’m looking to get some nice new gear. What sort of gear do you currently have, I’m really interested in the size/type of rod, it looks like 6ft rods might be a bit big?

    Cheers, Corey


    Redouane Fakir

    Great tips, Sandra. I will definitely try one those West Coast kayak fishing gigs next season.

    In the meantime, would be grateful to be kept informed of any fishing-oriented paddle in the next little while 🙂

    Sandra Waddle

    I took kayak fishing 2 and 3 with — it was great!

    I have jigged for ling cod and trolled for salmon with a “lily pad”. I caught a 12 pound chinook off Vancouver Island last summer.

    My favourite lures are buzz bombs – super simple. I have a small bag of gear to use, and a net. Long pliers are good to release fish you don’t want still in the water.


    Redouane Fakir

    Hey Roland. I would be game to join your SKABC fishing group if you set it up.

    Just keep me posted 🙂

    Redouane Fakir
    Hi Corey,
    I’m interested to give that a try as well…
    1- What other kinds of fishing have you done already? (I have done some river and some ocean)
    2- have you done you sea kayaking rescues and self rescues? (I have done some, I probably qualify as an intermediate level kayaker)
    Feel free to contact me about getting out there to try it out first somewhere in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area.
    Talk soon,
    Corey Plester

    Thanks for all the info guys, really appreciated!

    Roland Stefani, I’d definitely be interested in joining that subgroup if you do create it. Just even day kayak for finishing trips would be alot of fun! Let me know!





    Herb Johnson wrote an article on kayak fishing — it is in the newsletter archives. Here’s a link  — scroll down page 4 for “Herb’s Fishing for Food and Fun Tips”:

    Paddle Newsletter Sept 2004

    A few of us fished on our club trip to Jedediah Island last month. We had rockfish for dinner one night and oysters another night. My fishing pole was a little long and hard to manage so I have since had it modified it to be about 3 feet long.  Looking forward to trying it.


    Roland Stefani

    A rod longer than 6 ft can be difficult to manage;  weighted jigs that resemble herring or anchovy are probably the lure of choice, tide changes are the best time to salmon fish, and choose locations with some current to avoid dogfish.

    fyi.  I am interested  in forming a sub group in SKABC that does trips where fishing is one of the goals.  The standard SKABC does not stop to fish; but such a group would make planned stops for fishing in route to a destination, whether its a day trip or multi-day.   However, this year, I have little time for kayaking, so hopefully next year something can be organized.

    Brian Pegg

    hey corey

    i fish with just a 6ft ugly stick and 15lb line. mounted with a ram system

    swivels to prevent line twisting

    keep it simple

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