Help Needed – How to land on a steep, gravel beach in surf?

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    Nick Jones

    I was wondering if anyone has some advice or resources they could share about how to handle a landing on a steep, gravel beach when there is surf?   The location where I often paddle has these characteristics and I am struggle a bit to figure it out.   My normal techique (side entry with the paddle held at the rear of the cockpit and acting as a brace) is not working well.   Thanks in advance … Nick

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    Allan Edwin

    We have a number of members who have a lot of skill and training. I am hoping one of them will comment here.

    I am well familiar with the method “hold the shaft of your paddle against the back of your coaming while using the paddle like an outrigger”. I use it often and have taught it to other people over the years. Recently I’ve been paddling a lot more and I got to where this method is too ‘fussy’ for quickly jumping in and out. Instead I have become comfortable with balancing on the back of my cockpit as I tuck my legs in or pull them out.

    It has been interesting exploring this, because I came to see it’s the same balancing act getting in at the start of the paddle as it is when arriving, and also if you’re doing a cowboy scramble re-entry.

    Beyond just balancing on my coaming or back deck, I find that putting my hands on the heels of my coaming, almost sitting on them, offers the best control over my boat while sliding in or out. I found that moment was the crux move in both cases.

    Anyhow, I don’t know if this helps or not. Just my $0.02.

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