Help needed at Apodaca Park

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    Nick Heath

    Updated 2022 11 05

    Using a different approach trail that BC Parks staff had checked only yesterday and determined that it does not cross private land, Steve and 2 helpers hiked to the site today and moved and re-stacked the lumber, blocks and similar. Thks everyone!

    Updated 2022 11 02

    Today BC Parks staff with the barge service moved the tent platform materials to Apodaca but not all up the trail to the actual site – distance approx 100-200 m. uphill.
    We are seeking helpers to perform this task on Saturday 5 Nov with an alternative day on Sunday 6 Nov if the weather on Sat is too bad.

    Trip leader will be Steve Best, SKABC’s Howe Sound Steward.
    This will be in a group of experienced, well-equipped kayakers, wearing full thermal protection, paddling together both ways. Typical distance from launch to take-out is 2.8 NM one way. The day trip is weather-dependent.

    Construction Phase
    No dates set yet but delays until Spring 2023 are foreseen for logistical reasons.

    Updated 2022 10 29

    More delays!

    The BC Parks landing craft is now out of service, so construction work is not scheduled to  start until Wed 16 – Sat 19 Nov. Meanwhile, the materials might be moved to the site by barge on one day next week, between Wed 2 and Sat 5 Nov.  For this task, BC Parks are not requesting our assistance, but this could change.

    (In my view, it would be advantageous to move all the heavy materials from the foreshore up the bank on the same day that the barge makes its delivery but BC Parks are currently contemplating a separate day for this, to minimize barge time.)

    I’ll post again if I hear anything further. /Nick

    Updated 2022 10 22

    Members might recall that in 2021 SKABC received a $5000 Park Enhancement Fund grant to build 4 tent platforms at Apodaca Park on Bowen Island.  We bought materials and delivered them to BC Parks last winter. Since then, we’ve been patiently waiting for the ‘go ahead’.

    Gareth Wheatley, Snr Park Ranger at BC Parks called  with good news. They (3 rangers) plan to move materials to Apodaca Park (Bowen I) soon and build the 4 platforms and a composting toilet there.

    As planned, they will rely on our help – They need 2 or 3 volunteer helpers for approx 3 days. The same volunteers need not participate each day – a rotation is ok although the Park Ranger will stay overnight on site and our volunteers could do likewise to minimize transport time.

    Tentative dates:

    Wed 2 Nov
    Thu 3 Nov
    Fri 4 Nov
    Sat 5 Nov if needed

    depending on weather/barge availability.

    Day-long shifts – no overnight stay required unless you want to. Start/end times likely 08:30/17:30 at dock – Caulfeild or Horseshoe Bay or maybe Eagle Hbr/Fisherman’s Cv.

    Plan: Day 1: load up trailer in N Vancouver work yard, unload & reload onto barge at Horseshoe Bay/Sunset Marina.  Volunteers travel to Apodaca on BC Parks boat. Barge unloaded by hoist. Materials hand-carried up trail to site on upper bench.

    Day 2+ : Volunteers travel to Apodaca on BC Parks boat or water taxi. Lay out platform sites. Grub surface vegetation. Place concrete block footings on surface. Level & fasten support beams.

    Day 3+ : Volunteers travel to Apodaca on BC Parks boat or other boat. Screw on decking. Clean up site.

    Some volunteers are hoping to paddle their kayaks instead of using larger boats for transport.

    Please let me know of your availability with dates asap. If you are not able to help, there’s no need to reply – but thank you for considering!

    No building skills need for Day 1 – just strong backs & legs! Other days should be less strenuous.  OK to come for just one day …or more – either will be helpful!  I have 17 names so far and that will likely be more than enough, but I’m keen on having a strong reserve list in case of need.

    Rain or shine. Bring a lunch, gloves, boots, PFD. Tools provided. Limited crew capacity.

    I’m looking forward to putting together a great team, but my leg is still injured, so I might not be able to do much myself!

    Pl reply if available to:         (where @ replaces _at_)

    Nick Heath

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    Vincent Law

    Thanks for organizing, Nick,

    Unfortunately I’ll be out of town at the end of October and I can do any of the November dates.


    Richard Cordner

    Please put me on your backup list. I need a few days to confirm my availability with work before I can commit for certain but this is something I want to assist with, if I can free the day(s) up.

    Being a part of projects like this brings a lot of personal pride and connection. I encourage others to experience it!

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