Have you paddled a Seaward Tyee or do you own one?

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    George Prevost

    Hi everyone.  During the social part at the end of Monday’s virtual club meeting I ended up in a breakout room with Rick Redmond, who is president of Medicine Hat Paddling in Alberta.  He’s looking for a new kayak and is considering getting a Seaward Tyee.  He hasn’t had a chance to paddle one so is very interested in getting opinions and feedback from people who have.  If you’ve paddled a Tyee, or, better yet, own one and are willing to share your impressions with him, you can reach him at rick.redmond@telus.net.  He’s a very friendly and interesting fellow.

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    Allan Edwin

    Fast boat. Tracks like on rails. Turns about the same. Felt a lot like a Necky.

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