Gumotex Seawave (Inflatable) High Pressure Kayak

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    Niko Van Brandt

    I’m selling selling a Czech made Gumotex Seawave (Inflatable) High Pressure Kayak including many accessories.

    Light use from September 2016 until February 2017, when I decided to switch to a hard hull kayak, now collecting dust in the garage.

    Kayak can sit up to 3 people in open configuration (2 adults + 1 child), single or tandem with the use of the spraydecks (or not)

    The Seawave is being sold in North America under the INNOVA brand, which makes it easy to get parts.

    If you were to buy the Innova Kayak for the same configuration and accessories

    you would be paying:

    Kayak (with transportation backpack) : USD 999.—

    SEAWAVE deck for 1 person (with reinforcement): USD 319.–

    SEAWAVE deck for 2 persons – without reinforcements: USD 169.—

    2 Skirts: 2 x USD 54.— = USD 108.—

    SEAWAVE rudder: = USD 249.–


    Total: USD 1844.– = converted  CAD 2450.– before tax

    I would be adding to above package following items (worth at least CAD 475 before tax)

    Bravo 4-ALU R.E.D. Dual Action Hand Pump / Air Pump

    K-Pump Mini 100S  (to carry on board of the kayak as back-up)

    Scotty Pump 21″ with Float

    NRS Foam Paddle Float

    Gumotex – Removal Wrench / Hobby Tool to Install and remove Push Push Valves

    Gumotex – Push Push Valve for Inflatables

    1 x Werner Skagit FG 2 Straight Shaft Paddle

    North Water  Throw Line

    Note: It seems that there is some sand particles stuck in pressure release valve in the  floor, causing a slow leak. Problem can be remedied by either removing and cleaning the valve or have it replaced (cost around $15). However I’m not a handy man, so I would leave it to the buyer to deal with it.

    I’m selling all above package  for CAD 1,700.—

    Kayak is currently located in Steveston area.

    Happy Paddle! Niko

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