Greenland Paddle Carving Course

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    Chantal Ethier

    Hi Everyone,

    I took the SKABC Greenland Paddle Carving course last year and carved my own paddle. Although at the time I wasn’t really planning to use it much, I was mainly curious and interested in making one. I now use it a great deal; it competes with my favourite carbon fiber euro paddle – turns out I love this paddle! I used it shortly after I made it, again just from a curiosity stand point and discovered what a great paddle it is. It’s light, easy on the shoulders and very efficient and it smells wonderful.

    In recent trips, I have had several people ask me if they could try it and many have been intrigued and/or pleased with the feel. I have spoken to Richard Jensen who instructs the SKABC Greenland Paddle Carving course about scheduling another course. Richard is happy to instruct another session however; this particular course requires a different type of planning. The cedar used to carve the paddles has to be purchased in advance to ensure it is dry and to do the basic cuts required to ensure most of us can get the paddle completed or nearly completed in this one-day course.

    If you are interested in taking the SKABC Greenland Paddle Carving course, please let me know by August 11<sup>th</sup> by emailing me at so we can determine when the course would take place – likely in September, buy the wood and get the process started. Once we know that we have enough interest, I will be in touch and will publish the course posting on the website so that you may register. The course lasts one day and the cost is $60; the tools required to carve your paddle is a low angle block plane. We will try to have a few on hands but probably won’t have enough for everyone (depending on the number of participants).



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