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    Clark Perry-Bater

    I am a member of a sailing co-op and our 6 sailboats are having their sets of emergency hand-held flares replaced this year since they are 4 years old and expiring. So we have 30 of these barely-expired flares to hand off to any SKABC members who would like some, for free. If you are interested in getting some, reply to this post and I’ll get them to you.  – Clark P-B (Outreach and Promotions Co-officer)

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    Clark Perry-Bater

    I now have 24 flares and 6 people who have indicated they want some (4 each).  If you are one of those, you can call or text me at 604-434-2294 and we can decide how I’ll get them to you.

    Clark Perry-Bater

    (Replying to Roland) So far, I have 5 people interested in the flares, and I think we’ll have 30 to spread around, so 6 shouldn’t be a problem. I should have them in the next couple of weeks.

    Roland Stefani

    I asked for 1 or 2 flares because I thought there would be high demand.   But seeing little so far, I’d like to revised my request, now asking for up to 6 flares depending on demand.

    Clark Perry-Bater

    For those who have responded that they want a few flares – I don’t have them yet. When I know how many people and how many flares, I will notify the person responsible from the sailing club, and I will pick them up from him. Then we’ll decide how I will get them to you. It would be helpful if everyone could specify how many you want; they come in bags of 6, but we can break up the bags if necessary.

    Mike McHolm

    Yes I took mine to Mustang Survival in Burnaby but call ahead to confirm they will accept them. The Richmond Fire Department pointed me to Mustang. The Jericho Sailing Centre is also organizing a collection on May 14th with Steveston Marine. From the March JSC Newsletter In The Wind:

    “Many of you who carry flares on your vessel know that disposing of stale dated flares can be a frustrating chore. Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS) has partnered with CIL to help address this issue. CPS will be collecting old flares free of charge at Steveston Marine and Hardware (at both Richmond and Kits locations) Saturday May 14th. CPS will then organize and box them up properly for disposal by CIL.”

    Roland Stefani

    I could be interested in one or two.  Where would the pickup location be?

    Clark Perry-Bater

    Replying to Mike – For those paddlers who paddle mostly in remote locations, they might want non-expired flares, but for those of us who paddle mostly in more populated areas, like myself, I don’t feel I need brand-new flares. My understanding and experience is that recently-expired ones normally work well. I’m only offering them to people who want them.


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    Kallie Cunningham

    I would love to have a couple if possible Clark. I know mine are all out of date.

    Kallie – 604 619 3016 – I live on the North Shore and am driving to and from White Rock this weekend/most weekends on Saturday/Sunday.

    Reed Clarke

    Mike, sounds like you have a specific place that will accept your expired flares. Where would that be?

    Cheers, Reed

    Mike McHolm

    I’m confused as to why anyone would want expired flares. Isn’t it unsafe? I turn mine in when they expire.

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