Found Kayaking Spray Skirt on Abbotsford Bridge Last Sunday Oct. 2nd.!

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    Roy Smyth

    Sent to SKABC by Egon Speneder.

    (I am sending this to most Kayaking Outfits I can find on the Lower Mainland)

    Last Sunday (Oct. 2nd) I was driving over the Abbotsford Bridge into Mission when I saw an interesting item on the Highway about a 100 yards before the Mission turnoff. I stopped my car quite a ways from there because it was impossible to stop on the Bridge and I walked back and picked up this neoprene “Brooks” made (what I thought at first was a diver’s suit) KAYAKING SPRAY SKIRT.

    Anyway, if anyone of your members complains about losing an item on the Abbotsford Bridge then please have them contact me. I have it here at home in Mission.


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