Fixing VHF

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    Limor Friedman

    Happy New Year

    Looking for recommendations from this smart group:
    I broke the antenna of my VHF Kobra

    * manufacture doesn’t offer repair

    * Steveston marin don’t  deal with it either.

    Thank you for your suggestions!


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    Nick Heath

    I asked when I was at the Vancouver Boat Show yesterday. One of the marine radio specialists there were from Calgary – They sell generic replacement antennas for 2m and marine VHF handheld radios- a common replacement/repair item.

    Richard Merchant

    Nick’s suggestion about Lee’s Electronics is very good (not only because I love them – lots and lots of bits, and very reasonable prices…).  They have antennae:

    They are not a radio store so whether they can provide knowledgeable advice I don’t know.

    If a reasonable secondary product can be located, I’d still be concerned about water-proofing and would stick with my silicon suggestion…


    Nick Heath

    These antennae seem to be all detachable with a screw or bayonet fitting. They are a high loss/frequently damaged item. I suspect that any manufacturer antenna would work equally well. The signals sent and receive by any comparable hand-held marine certified unit will be to a consistent, specific standard.

    In the past, for better gain (i.e. more range), I have used a larger boat antenna on a handheld radio to good effect, joined by co-axial cable.The impedance must match, that is all, really.

    A radio or electronics store is where to inquire. Lee’s Electronics on Fraser St comes to mind. There used to be a good 2 way radio store at the foot of Main St in Marpole, too, if I recall correctly. Maybe it is still there?

    Richard Merchant

    this contribution from the tech son:

    Really it doesn’t look particularly broken….  (so the question, is it broken or otherwise damaged, or just removed?….)

    one google search brings me the operations manual, which indicates its designed to be removable:

    and the replacement part, direct from the manufacturer:
    Antenna, HH600

    presumably one could get a local shop to order one in if it can’t be shipped direct.


    Kelly Robertson

    I have  a spare Standard Horizon antenna that was replaced under warranty.  The sheath comes off, but I’m sure it can be glued.  If it fits, you are welcome to it.

    Richard Merchant

    I’m only peripherally part of the group, and not particularly smart, but seems to me that shouldn’t be too hard to fix – depending how it’s broken.  It looks vaguely like a coaxial connector – what the rest of the antenna, inside the rather think casing is like, I’m not sure.  Perhaps it can be fixed by re-attaching the connections and then sealing it impenetrably with lots of silicon – I’m imagining the seal is a key part of the issue.  Mind you, such a “fix” will never be as robust as the original construction, so if it is going to suffer abuse then likely that is an issue.  I’m forwarding your question to some contacts…

    Otherwise there must be an electronics person in the group!


    Tyronne L’Hirondelle

    It might be a bit of a long shot by Burnaby radio communications deals with amateur radio equipment (ham radio) and might be able to help, or point you in the right direction:

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