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    Quirine Schuyff

    Is anyone planning to paddle to the fireworks from Jericho? I think I will do it this year. I plan to meet a friend on her paddle board around Kits. I think I will put in around 7-8pm.
    Send me an email if you are going.
    Please be sure you are fully aware of what it entails as it isn’t for the faint of heart or for those without solid boat handling skills, especially if you plan to be at the front of the fireworks, as I do. Also, make sure you have an effective lighting system for front and back.

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    Quirine Schuyff

    Oh that’s good Gunilla and Ian! I was thinking around 8pm but may be there a little earlier. I am meeting a friend who will be on a paddle board at Kits or Sunset Beach and will finalize plans with her.
    I will try to find your number and/or email you personally.


    Gunilla Oberg

    Hi Quirine,

    We’re in! Are you leaving from Jericho Sailing Center? If so, what time?

    Gunilla & Ian

    Quirine Schuyff

    Ah sorry! I am talking about this Saturday for now. I’m not sure I will do the other days by kayak.

    Vincent Law

    What day(s) were you thinking Quirine?

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