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    Nick Heath

    BC Marine Trails has received feedback from property owners located near some campsites who are concerned about the danger of wildfires that might start from campfires at those sites (although none is known to date).

    To show that we are responsive and responsible, we are suggesting that, in addition to all the usual caveats about fires (only when legal, kept small, always attended, extinguished at departure/bedtime, on non-combustible beach surface below high water away from drift logs), we  place a fire bucket at each site. The BC Wildfire Service requires a minimum 8L container of water (or big tools like a shovel) be kept next to a fire in case of need.

    So we want to put  5 gal plastic pails in Howe Sd  – one at each site – with sturdy wire handles and securing ropes so that they can be tied to  trees near the fire locations and not blow away or be taken by the waves. We already have BCMT sticky labels specially made for them. (Maybe we should have SKABC labels instead?)

    Does someone know a source of free 5 gal (18L) pails with handles? They are often used for drywall compound or house paint. I’ve seen lots of them in dumpsters, so we’d be saving them (for a while) from the landfill. We would need ones that could be easily cleaned. Please let me know – we need 6 immediately and maybe more later for other places. Yes I know I could buy them at Home Depot, but that means manufacturing even more plastic pails!

    This is a bit of an experiment – if they become just more  plastic beach garbage, we’ll try something else.


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    Nick Heath

    First posting appears to not have saved – sorry if this is a duplicate.

    We have enough pails now, thanks to donors and site inspection volunteers, and they are now deployed at the 6 Howe Sd sites. If you have collected more already, please give them to me at the next SKABC meeting or Vol Dinner. We’ll be putting more out there at other sites in the area, or further afield before long.

    Nick Heath

    Thanks to our pail collectors and our site inspection volunteers, 6 were placed at Howe Sd sites this past weekend. So we now have enough, but if you collected additional ones, I can take them from you if you bring them to a monthly meeting. Lids optional. There will likely be other BCMT sites where we can deploy them.

    Anja Pakendorf

    Call   Italian or Greek restaurants….olives come in them….probably other restaurant food too.

    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Hi Nick,

    Home Depot has them. Same as the joint compound but in orange.

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