Fire Ban

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    Allan Edwin

    As of June 30, all open fires – including campfires – will be banned in BC.
    That means that there will be no campfires allowed for the upcoming
    holiday (and weekend). The current hot dry weather has caused the fire
    danger to spike, and with no rain in the forecast, any fires that start are
    likely to spread quickly.

    Note: fireworks and tiki torches are included in the ban. Please don’t
    be the reason for a wildfire.

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    Monty Drake

    I spoke with Coastal Fire Centre today. no list of approved camp stoves but was told to go on the assumption that if it was sold in Canada, it should be ULC/CSA approved. Their big concern is sparks. No alcohol stoves, e.g.Trangia

    Allan Edwin

    For those who don’t know, you can see a current map of wildfires in the province here:

    There are 211 active fires right now and I was surprised to see 4 of them are here in the Coastal zone.

    Allan Edwin

    Given the extreme conditions right now for fire hazard around the province as well as the devastating images from the Lytton fire, I would not be surprised to hear of park operators keeping a close eye on campers using any kind of stove.

    Nick Heath

    The BC govt press release says ”

    In addition to campfires, Category 2, and Category 3 open fires, the following activities are also prohibited:

    The use of outdoor stoves or other portable campfire apparatus without a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriter Laboratories of Canada (ULC) rating.

    I suspect none of my 3 MSR Whisperlite (white gas/multifuel) stoves has this rating- I still have the packaging for the youngest of these and it says nothing about a CSA or ULC rating. I also have an Isopropane Pocket Rocket stove, and I don’t see any reference on it to safety ratings either, so are these stoves illegal to use or are they on a BC govt or CSA approved list some place that I’m unaware of?

    Maybe I just need to suck it up accept a diet of cold raw oatmeal porridge and tea made by dropping my teabag into a cup of cold water?

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