Fiberglass Work

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    Brad Percival

    I need someone to hire to do some minor glass work on my boat, anyone have any recommendations?

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    Nancy More

    This notice of a 20% off winter sale just came through from ATD.  I don’t seem to be able to paste it in here, so here is my retyped version.

    “We want to make sure we can help you have your boat ready for when you are!
    -any fibreglass, wood or carbon fibre repairs, boat maintenance, or custom projects that you may need.  This offer applies to work that can be completed between now and Mid-February (as we are booked from then until Mid March).
    E-mail /call now for a free estimate and to secure your boat’s spot on our work order schedule.  For before/after photos, testimonials, and more details please visit: email: or call 604 355 0559”






    Heather Harbord

    Holy catfish! Rip van Winkle here. When I took my first comprehensive kayak course in the early 1980s we were taught how to do our own fibreglassing. Not difficult and I’ve done it ever since, including Kevlar.  You do need to do it outside on a relatively warm day. I must admit that sometimes my boats did look a bit like a dog’s breakfast, but they never leaked and I could make repairs even on trips.  In fact, I always carry the makings of a repair just in case. If it is cold, you may have to make a fire to get the stuff to go off.  Your boat isn’t really broken in until it has a few scratches and at least one repair. Seems to make it go faster.

    Nancy More

    I had Warren from ATD Composites work on my boat.

    Phone: (604) 355-0559
    Toll Free: 1 (855) 283-3703

    ATD stands for Attention To Detail which is how Warren works.  He did the work at Jericho so it took no effort on my part.

    Reed Clarke

    According to Deep Cove Kayak’s website:

    “Our repair technician Peter works with fiberglass, composites, carbon, kevlar, and even some plastics. Using these materials he can repair kayaks, surfskis, stand up paddleboards, surfboards, and paddles. His maxim is: If it floats (or is supposed to) and it fits in the workshop, we can probably fix it. And if it has a leak, he’ll find it and plug it.”

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