Feathercraft Kahuna folding kayak – $2450

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    Hi, my friend and a former SKABC member is selling her kayak:

    Feathercraft Kahuna folding kayak – $2450. Top of boat is red and bottom is black. Purchased in 2003. Equipment includes nylon spray skirt & sea sock, deck lines & rigging, travel-style backpack. With practice, assembly will take around 30 minutes. Length 4.5m x 63.5cm Beam (14’9″ x 25″). Weight 16kg (35lb) The keel allows the kayak to track well and the boat includes a skeg so a rudder is not necessary. There is ample gear storage for multi-day trips. For more info on the boat, see http://feathercraft.com/kayaks/kahuna-big-kahuna/

    Contact her by email at:


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