Fantastic Last Minute Paddling Adventure in the Southern Gulf Islands!!!

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    Chantal Ethier

    Join us for this adventure, you don’t want to miss out!!!  Discover what makes BC an amazing place to paddle.  Join a group of enthusiastic kayakers of various skills and abilities – we’re heading to Galiano Island next weekend (April 16/17) and are sure to have a great time!!!

    Galiano is the second largest island in the Southern Gulf Islands; it’s an attractive getaway location where we’ll enjoy spectacular views.  Sandy beaches, access to islets, islands and the rich wildlife.  With some luck we’ll see some eagles, double-crested cormorants and their unique nests, seals, sea lions, otters, etc. – if I’m/we’re particularly lucky we might see a whale (fingers crossed).

    The trip wouldn’t be complete without a feast on Saturday night and again on Sunday morning.  Randy will delight our palates with an array of delicious food; a wonderful salmon dinner on Saturday night; Paddlers are kindly asked to contribute side dishes.  The feast continues on Sunday morning with pigs-in-blankets, French toasts, grapefruit, espresso and other goodies.

    As we make our way to the Island, we’d like to have a huddle on the ferry to discuss our plans for the weekend.  We want to make sure that everyone gets as much out of the weekend as possible.  Some of us are keen to practice exits, rescues and rolls; it’ll be a great opportunity to practice and learn for those who are not familiar with these.  we want to reach a consensus prior to setting up camp to maximize our time on the water.

    Apparently the group campsite is a nice flat, covered surface on a gently hill, close to the water with a great view.  There is a sink for washing up, toilets and a fire pit.  Saturday night might be chilly so bring warm clothes and let’s hang out by a nice doze fire.

    We will leave the Tsawwassen ferry terminal at 8:35am on Saturday, April 16th and we will leave Sturdies Bay at 5:05pm on Sunday, April 17th .  The cost for this trip consists of splitting the expense of the ferry and $10 per person for the campsite, depending on carpool arrangements.  Overall the cost should be approximately $75 to 95 per person, excluding the cost of gas which will be at the discretion of the drivers.  For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Chantal at or Randy at

    See you then 🙂

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    Michelle Vandenbroek

    Sounds great, count me in!

    Randy Chatterjee

    If you get a sense of deja vous, here is the mirror posting under Short Notice Paddles:

    Some one, come all!

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