Ecomarine Bankruptcy Sale, from 10 Oct

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    Kapila Jayaweera

    I picked up few items at Echomarine Granville location this afternoon.

    They have nice Werner carbon fiber paddles weight about 600g 30% off (Original price $535.00). Still have quite a few left.

    Also PFD’s 30%, cloths 30-50%, charts 60%, shoes, slippers 50% (no much left. Still have size 10-12 left)

    Not much kayaks left except few new Seawards and Current Design around $3200. They are not selling any used kayaks.

    Spray skirts 50% off. Also some used spray skirts for $20.

    They said that no sales at Jericho location since someone already purchased all used kayaks, rest of the stuff to start a new business. If anyone planning to go to Jericho may want to check (if there is a way to check)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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