Duke Point Ferry – possible to paddle from?

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    Quirine Schuyff

    I see this question was asked before and it seems somewhat possible but I’d be interested to hear any thoughts, opinions or advice. I’d rather not take my car if possible but I feel I may need to. I’d be traveling alone.
    Nick: I’ll contact you.

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    Kevin Amos

    Yes, you can and you can find info on BCMT. Nick will have advice too. However George, Deb, Alix & I landed at Duke Point in Sept 2022. It was one of the most gruelling landing to get to the ferry. 4 of us with straps had to carry loaded kayaks over waist high logs. Then we got to a narrow trail. We used wheels but there were a number of sets of stairs we had to use straps and carry. Let alone the drop offs to the rocks below. Then you get to a parking lot. You can then pull your kayak up a hill for a km and then you get to the terminal. Then they open a narrow gate to go down a steep hill to get onto the ferry. I said WTF and will never do that again.

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