Drip Rings for Green Land Paddles

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    Bob Maher

    I have had my Green Land Paddle for several Months and have found it very effective when you have a sore wrist. The only draw back was a lot of water was dripping onto my Spray Shirt and also soaking the rest of my body above the Cock Pit.

    What I did to solve this was to install Drip Rings and push them about 25 inches from the tip of the paddle. Problem solved for me and if you are having the same problem, hopefully this will also help you.        Bob Maher

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    Gary Christensen

    I have been using greenland style paddles for about three years now. Speaking only for myself, part of my water dripping issue was my lack of proper technique. I was still using the higher angle, euro blade paddling technique. When I lowered the angle of the paddle to the water, the dripping was substantially less. I still use drip rings, which almost get rid of all the remaining dripping.

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