Douglas Bay, Gambier, Natural Pools and Waterfall

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    Danielle Smith

    Hi there,

    I’m wondering if anyone has information about a short hike leaving Douglas Bay on Gambier going to a waterfall and natural pools. I remember doing this hike as a kid, and am hoping to do it again but can’t remember any of the details.

    Thank you in advance!



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    Danielle Smith

    Awesome Map! Also, thanks for the notes on the creek water volume, was wondering about that.

    Nick Heath

    You can download and I recommend a good map of Gambier trails at

    You can also try just landing at Gambier Ck/Douglas Bay and following the trail that is on the N side of the creek leading, from the campsite/picnic area, but I haven’t taken it, so maybe it is not the correct one. However, you can also walk up the creek bed a little way at this time of the year – not much water flowing. I was there last week.

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