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    Kevin Amos

    Cracked my hull behind the seat just before the bulkhead on my Delta 16. Used the Delta repair kit to fix the crack on the beach and continued the trip. I called Delta and was told to email the details with photos. I have yet to get a response. Does anyone have experience repairing and could offer advice?

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    Kevin Amos

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I was able to talk with Ryan at Delta and dropped off my boat for repair. Also purchased another repair kit for future trips. Kayak should be repaired in a couple of days.

    Susan Murray

    Hi Kevin, we also cracked the hull of our Delta 12.10 in the same place. since we purchased it from Western, I called them first, they emailed me the name of the Delta factory person to speak to in Maple ridge. We took the boat to the factory¬† and it was repaired free of charge but it took over a month, 5 weeks? said it was 1/1000 crack! the repair is excellent, can’t¬† see the damage.

    Devi Desabhatla

    Couple of years back I had to repair a fibreglass canoe, but the process is the same.

    I found this information extremely useful:

    Fiberglass Repair


    Also… trace the crack to its end on either side, then drill through a small 2 mm or so hole. This prevents the crack from spreading further.


    All the best.



    Quirine Schuyff

    I brought my kayak in to them to fix and they did a great job. Just took a couple of hours I think. Definitely try calling again. I think I emailed them via their website. Perhaps try that avenue too. They are out in Maple Ridge.

    Good luck!

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