Dehydrators on Sale at Cabelas

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    Chantal Ethier

    Hi Everyone,

    I purchased a dehydrator at Cabelas this past summer, I like it and use it a lot.  I was at Cabelas this weekend and noticed the same dehydrator is on sale from $249.99 to $119.99, in case anyone might be in the market for a dehydrator.  It’s a great sale and clearly they have these sales regularly, although this one is slightly better than when I purchased mine.  The sale is on until January 10th.

    Quick comments – I am happy with mine and at the same time, I have no frame of reference as I haven’t owned one before.  I will say this, if I’m in the same room, I can hear it run, however if I am in a different room, even an adjacent room with the door closed, I can’t hear it.  I find the trays easy to clean; when reading reviews before buying mine, some people mentioned that their trays were getting warped, I haven’t had this issue, then again, I wash my trays by hand.

    I hope this is helpful.



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