Deck line workshop – call for interest

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    Helen Beer

    Please let me know your interest in participating in a hands on deck line workshop in January.  There will be a fee for supplies and room rental at Sunrise Park.     Bring your kayak.   The workshop will be between 2-3 hours on a Sunday afternoon.   Just gauging interest before we committ to renting the space.  Helen B.  Safety Officer

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    Hi everyone, registration is open for this now — see the event listings.

    Ted Lam

    Hi Stephanie,

    There are a few options you can choose. From solo entry to assisted rescue, I can show you at the workshop, it is fairly easy. Hope you can wait till that day.


    Roberto Dominguez

    I am in!

    Jody Chan

    I’m interested. I have a deck line change that I’d like to do.

    George Prevost

    I’m interested in making a few changes to mine.

    Martin Feuchtwanger

    It would help if a workshop overview were given.

    Kallie Cunningham

    I am interested, but need more details. Ted redid my decklines and a few other fixes last summer. Depending on what the workshop will cover, it may or may not be of value for me.

    On a related note, SKABC used to have a kayak repair workshop (before Nimbus owner moved to the Gulf Islands).  This is a different topic, but if there is interest, I’m happy to look into it as a workshop or training under the “training” portfolio. Happy to discuss with you as I start to get on top of my new portfolio.

    Steve Best

    Hi Helen, I am interested. Can I bring two kayaks? Happy to pay twice, but only take one space.

    Nancy Flexman

    Hi Helen…yes very interested in redoing my deck lines. Boat is 17 years old.

    Nancy Flexman


    Stephanie Ratzlaff

    Thank you Helen. I am interested. I have difficulty getting my paddle blade under my deck lines for rescues with the current set-up and would appreciate assistance with modifications if this could be included.  Thanks, Stephanie


    Limor Friedman

    Interested. (Limor)

    Quirine Schuyff


    Josephine Kovacs

    Thanks Helen, I am interested? Josephine

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