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    Kallie Cunningham

    The original posting for the 2023 Currrents course set April 30 as the registration open date for this course in July.  Some members noted this date and were waiting until the end of April to register.  Meanwhile, it became clear that due to limited ferry options it would be a good idea to allow people to register sooner and the registration date was moved forward to March 31.  Within days six people registered for the six spots available, leaving no space for those who were waiting in good faith for the original April 30 date before registering.

    Given this confusion, and in the interests of fairness for all, we are reopening registration requests from 8 am Monday Apr 17 to 8 pm April 18.   All registration requests, including those already submitted, will be reviewed.  As is our policy, all requests to register are subject to approval by the training coordinator and the lead instructor.   If the number of “approved” registrations exceeds the course maximum, a lottery will be held and winners will be emailed with payment instructions so they can secure their spot.  Payment will be required within 48 hours, after which the next person in line will be invited to take the open spot.

    We apologize for the confusion and feel that this is the fairest way to address this confusion.

    NOTE: While the Training page of the website is continually updated and provides registration information, and announcements are made at the monthly meetings and in the newsletter, this experience has reinforced the need for SKABC to also communicate training posting and registration deadlines through the general forum, the communication channel for all members.

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