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    Cameron Redenbach

    posted this on CL,
    I see some of photos not working will repair,
    Price 1500 OBO for skabc members, as well can arrange test drive for skabc member


    Older current designs Fiberglass kayak
    Colour :Green

    Great boat compared to paying 3000+ dollars for newer design.
    Ready to splash and make some great trips. As noted below spent couple hundred dollars upgrading rigging for problem free operation

    Recent questions:
    -older boat with original rudder
    -older boat with original rudder pedals
    -older boat with original seat

    Some scratches top and bottom, cosmetic. Not a show boat
    -rudder and pedals serviced and upgraded with shock cord.
    -Has had all decking replaced
    -updated and upgraded hatch replaced.

    Comes with
    -custom made pvc kart
    -cockpit cover

    Shows 4-5 stars

    Long, narrow, fast – the Extreme.

    If you love touring but hunger for speed, then the Extreme will suit your needs.

    The Extreme is a very fast and versatile touring kayak. A Shallow “V” hull provides very reasonable stability for a hull that is only 21″ wide. The long slender waterline adds to the efficiency of the hull and gives us an extremely fast open water touring boat. It slices through the water with ease, maneuvers beautifully, and allows the paddler to handle adverse conditions with confidence.

    The Extreme is an excellent day tripper or can be taken on longer trips with good storage capacity.
    LENGTH: 18,10″
    WIDTH: 21.25″
    DEPTH: 13 3/8″
    WEIGHT: 53/49 lbs
    COCKPIT: 29″ x 16″

    BOW HATCH: 22
    STERN HATCH: 26 Gallons
    TOTAL VOLUME: 95 Gallons

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