Copeland Island Kayaking … looking for route, camping info

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    Nick Jones

    SKABC members … I am planning on going to the Copeland Islands this summer for a kayak trip.   I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations regarding parking in Lund, route to take from Lund to the islands, location of good/best campsites and any other useful information you might be willing to share.

    When I come back I will create and share a trip report + map & photos.

    Thanks in advance …

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    Nick Jones

    Thanks for all the notes & suggestions

    Allan Edwin

    Keep an eye on the Environment Canada Marine Weather Forecast (and It is true that it is not a long paddle from the Lund to the Copelands, but it can be rough paddling on Thulin Passage in strong winds and more rough when the winds are against the tide.

    As noted by others here, Thulin Passage is also busy with vessel traffic in the warm months — as it is on the way to Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands to the north.

    Make sure you have sufficient cordage for guying down your tent and/or tarp.

    The Copelands are a great place to base-camp, but there is no water there and few streams or creeks in the area. Plan ahead for your water needs and room in your kayak to stow it all.

    Monty Drake

    As Heather says, contact the Lund Hotel re parking; 604 414-0704. The Lund harbour ramp is $4.00 in and $4.00 out (pays for maintenance). Harbourmaster is 604-483-4711. Bc Parks website has maps for the Copelands. Passes not needed until June 1. Landings are mostly rock. Sunsets, with the right tent platform, are wonderful. Can get very crowded in summer. Major Rock, off the south end of the bottom Copeland, has sea lions and birds.

    Susan Servos-Sept

    Hi. I have been there and around that area many times. The Coplands is a super easy little, tiny trip. You could go around all the Coplands probably 10+ times in one short day. Camping is on platforms. Marine Trails website will have the info on camping sites there.  As  day trip from the Coplands you can go check out Savary Island. Watch out for motorboat traffic and wake all around, but especially on the water between the Coplands and the mainland.  One of my worst kayak bashings was from a motor boat wake there.  There can be a lot of motor boat traffic and in my experience, they are tired of kayakers and many do not slow down for them anymore. It has been a couple of years since I have been there, but in the past you could pay to launch at the main dock or you could launch free on the other side of the hotel. Things do change, though. Now? You can put your car in the paid parking lot by the dock. We used to just park on the side of the rd but I don’t know if that is possible anymore or a safe place for your car. Make sure you hit Nancy’s Bakery in town. Hopefully it is still there. The deck on the hotel used to be a good place for a beer at the end of a trip. I really like the tiny hamlet of Lund. Have Fun!

    Kevin Amos
    Heather Harbord

    All the parking in Lund is now owned by the hotel. You need to register with them. Not sure what it costs now.  Do NOT leave your car by the side of the road without a sticker on it.  Towing is mighty expensive and does happen.

    There are tent pads and biffies on some of the islands

    You may have to book with BC Parks – either for individual sites or at least for a back country camping permit which used to be $5 a day.

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