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    Gary Christensen

    Good Morning. I would appreciate your opinions on coffee presses and other kayaking appropriate coffee makers. I have jetboil system, but do not have a coffee maker. Any suggestions?

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    Clark Perry-Bater

    Hi Gary, I have used an Aeropress coffee maker for years on all my kayak trips. I have a friend in SKABC that uses only Aeropress for his home coffee. You just pour  your hot water over the ground coffee, press the top half of the plastic cylinder down and voilà, perfect espresso or …. Amazon sells it for $40. Re-usable paper filters (I use mine 3 or 4 times) or stainless steel.

    Gary Christensen

    Thanks everyone for your tips. I picked up a 650ml ‘WOODS” coffee press. Will put it to the test tomorrow so I’m ready for the water.

    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Hi Gary,

    Because the packing space in my kayak is somewhat tight, I use a collapsible silicone brew cone with a reusable cloth filter:

    We’ve had this one for years, but there are even better models out there that don’t require a filter. I usually brew coffee straight into my thermos, so on rushed mornings I can finish it on the water.


    I echo the Bialetti, but when space is at premium a simple pour-over filter would probably do…

    Harald Riffel

    I settled on an espresso pot years ago.  Excellent coffee and no garbage!

    Bring a bag of fresh ground coffee, or if you really want to impress people bring your manual coffee grinder.  The best one I have found is from 1Zpresso – expensive but worth it.

    Peter Kearney

    Hi Kevin,  for just a couple of pounds you can bring the Bialetti 3 cup mocha pot for espresso/ latte. Bring fresh ground…sent


    Kevin Amos

    Yes, Starbucks Via seems to be a preferred option for most people. I have used pour over packs from Steam Clock which makes great coffee but can be pricey and I hate the garbage.




    Sarka Lhotak

    Hi Gary,

    I prefer things simple and light-weight. I use Starbucks Via Instant coffee pouches. The coffee is good, quick to make, no extra gadgets to carry. Just my 2 cents worth…I admit, I am not a coffee gourmet.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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