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    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Folks, I got a pair of wheels given to me and I am not sure how these work. They are smaller than my usual ones and don’t have a kick stand. Someone told me that they might be secondary or bow wheels for a canoe. Has anyone had experience with these? Would they be useful as secondary wheels for a double? Or useless for kayaks?

    thanks, Katya


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    Johan Worst

    Ditto comments from Thom and Nick.

    I have a pair of these and used them for loading onto the top of the car while keeping the stern off the ground.  It’s difficult to keep them in place when moving the boat.

    Thom Kline

    You will also need a leash line tied to the wheels and running forward to an anchor point like around the cockpit coaming

    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Thanks, Nick! I will try them out for unloading. The v on them is very narrow so they must be meant for the ends of the boat.

    Nick Heath

    These are ok for an unloaded kayak or canoe on hard surfaces, but not loaded boats.  The wheels go under one end, so your arms carry most of the hull weight, unlike the bigger wheel sets that are near the balance point and so take most of the load.

    For a day trip, they might be easier to use than a shoulder carry.

    They could also be strapped on for unloading a boat from a vehicle where one end could otherwise drag on the roadway.

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