Can you paddle to Keats Island from Bowen Island

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    Lorraine Sharpsteen

    I am planning an overnight trip this weekend to Keats Island, leaving from Bowen Island. According to my map there are put-ins at both Galbraith Bay and Bowen Bay, both on the west side. Has anyone paddled to Keats Island from either of these locations and do you know if overnight parking is allowed? Are there any hazards crossing between the two islands that we should be aware of? And where can I find information on currents? I did find tide charts on the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website.



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    Nick Heath

    I geuss my comments will come too late for you , but this is a nice paddle, Lorraine. As Cam suggests, look at the bcmarinetrails web map for info

    When I was last at Tunstall Bay, there was more parking than at Bowen Bay and no posted restrictions on parking. That doesn’t mean to say necessarily that overnight parking is permitted – most municipalities have blanket by-laws (such as in Vancouver) that don’t allow it beyond 24 or 48 hr but it is complaint-driven, meaning that you have to irritate a local resident enough to get them to phone the by-law control officer to get you ticketed or towed. Some coastal areas seem to have curmudgeon-like vigilantes¬† who delight in doing just that,¬† but most don’t, thankfully!

    I would not be concerned about currents. You might get 0.5 to 1 kn. I’d be far more concerned about wind – this area is a classic wind funnel and gap winds will often exceed nearby winds. Sailors love Barfleur and Collingwood Channels!


    Cameron Redenbach

    Did you look on bcmarine trails ?

    Bowen bay on google earth shows a pretty parking spot 2-3v?

    I think bcmarine trails says the same.

    navionics doesnt show any indication of current but if you look at the tide chart. Your going to get a idea of ebb and flow times and rough severity.


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