Camping on Tent Island

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    Stan Matier

    Hi Everyone

    Was thinking of camping for a couple of nights on Tent Island.  Has anyone been there recently. Was wondering about the campsites/facilities etc.  Does anyone have any photos or info



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    Nick Heath

    When I camped on Tent I several years ago for one night I tried first to contact the band to pay but did not get a  response, so I just mailed them some cash afterwards. We were there early in the year and the place was deserted, except for some day visitors/fishers from Chemainus who scoffed at the notion that with was FN land -apparently it had been leased in earlier years by the BC Govt and called a BC Park and that’s the way these locals preferred to remember it. Overall, this lovely island needs better management – daily warden visits or something. The party zone laissez-faire setup works against paddlers and could easily result in the island being burned by stray fires.

    Stan Matier

    Thanks for all the info everyone. We decided to stay the 3 nights at Chivers Point on Wallace Island. We did paddle over to Tent, and it is very  scenic.  The bay on the west side of the island was very busy with boats.

    Thanks Again


    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Hi Stan, we were there July long weekend. The west beach where we planned to stop was a party town and we had to skip that altogether. East campsite is nice has a picnic table and an outhouse but has a large No Trespassing sign posted by Penelakut band also. I am embarrassed  to admit but we ended up sleeping there one night as our 4 yo was done with his kayaking for the day. Nobody came by to kick us out or to collect a fee. It wasn’t very relaxing though as we were basically camping under the sign. If you manage to get a hold of the band you can check on what the rules are, I was not able to locate a number for the band office. I would also not recommend collecting oysters without the permission from the band. We moved to Chivers Point on Wallace island the next day and it was beautiful and not crowded even on the long weekend. We hiked to Cabin Bay and it looked like an amazing spot and was empty. Outhouse and tent pads at Chivers and just two tend pads and solitude at Cabin bay. Hope this helps!

    Chris Dennis


    Try this link to BC Marine Trails. Camp set out, fees and conditions are clear.

    Have a good trip. Chris

    Henry Grayman

    Yes, there are very nice campsites on the west side of Tent Island. There are 2 outhouses available as well. If you eat oysters, the east side of the island has lots at low tide.


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