Broughton Archipelago – Ideas and Advice?

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    Emily Glasbey

    Hi everyone,

    Hoping to paddle the Broughtons in a couple of weeks time, for around 8 days.

    Looking for tips and advice from anyone who has done it before.  For example, highlights to incorporate, places to avoid, things to beware of…..etc

    Planning to launch from Tele Cove and make our way to the Burdwood Islands.



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    Emily Glasbey

    Thanks for all the useful advice, particularly to George and Karin who met up with me.


    Kevin Amos

    HI Em

    I might have mentioned to you at the Club Locarno BBQ a group of us where planning to go in September. Here is the route we planned. It was based on a group who went in 2017. Instead of paddling from Telegraph Cove we were going to take a water taxi from Port McNeil.

    Broughtons Kayaking

    George Prevost

    Hi Emily.  I’ve been to the Johnstone Strait/Broughton Archipelago area at least a dozen times and would be happy to share some of my thoughts with you if you’d like to get together and go over some charts, etc.  You can contact me at

    Lee Shedden

    Great place! Lots of varied paddling. Don’t miss a paddle out to White Cliff Islets. Best whale watching is on the outer edge, around Blackfish Sound and Swanson Island. Expect fog. Pay attention to tides & currents & plan to travel with them — heaviest around Johnstone Strait and the channels between the islands on its northern edge. Get a copy of the Wild Coast guidebook that covers this area — so much valuable info.

    My trip report from 10 days in the region in 2017:

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