Broken Group New Camping Reservation and Fees

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    Nancy More

    Good morning, I stumbled on a change to camping in the Broken Group last weekend and thought others might be interested.    You now need a National Park Pass, a camping permit, and a reservation.    The info below is from the Parks Canada Website.
    <h3>National Park Entry Pass</h3>
    All visitors to Pacific Rim NPR are required to have a valid National Park Entry Pass at all times while they are visiting the national park reserve. The exception is youth (17 years of age and younger) who have free entry into all of Parks Canada’s places. This means that in addition to requiring a valid Broken Group Islands Backcountry Camping Permit, all visitors 18 years of age and older are also required to have a valid National Park Entry Pass.

    The revenue from national park entry fees remains within the Coastal BC Field Unit to support the services and facilities that all visitors enjoy (including campsite facilities and amenities, visitor safety, signs, programs, etc.). The Broken Group Islands Backcountry Camping Permits do not include the national park entry fees, so you need to have a valid camping permit and a valid National Park Entry Pass at all times.
    <h3>Backcountry camping permits and fees</h3>
    Anyone camping in the Broken Group Islands must have a backcountry camping permit. Backcountry camping permits are $9.80 per person per night from May through September. Backcountry camping permits are only available through the Parks Canada Reservation System. No spaces will be available for stand-by (first come first serve).

    To reserve call 1-877-RESERVE or visit Reservations are available on January 8, 2018 at 8 a.m. PST. Payment can be made by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.

    When making a reservation, have the following ready:

    • Preferred camping dates – first choice and alternate date
    • Preferred camping locations – preferred and alternate islands
    • Point of access location; where you will begin paddling from
    • Number of campers in your group (maximum group size is 12)
    • Email address to send confirmation and information to
    • Means of payment: Visa, MasterCard or American Express


    I have no idea how fast they will fill up, but I’d book early.

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    Nick Heath

    We’re adding this info and related web links to the BCMTNA map today.

    Bob Salo

    Just talked to Parks Canada.  Talked to a lady that didn’t know about the Broken Islands and  then put me on hold twice to get the answers I asked?

    1. You need an annual Parks Pass.  Buy online and receive it in the mail before you go. You need to carry the pass.

    2. If you don’t reserve a campsite you are out of luck.  Don’t know what would happen then?  We are going in May when it is not busy, so getting a spot should not be a problem?

    3. Per person/per day camping fee is$9.90


    Also – Secret Beach parking is $10.00/day and launch fee is $15

    Nick Heath

    Thanks, Nancy. Good catch! Overcrowding at sites has been a problem and I guess Parks Canada are trying to address it.

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