Belize Trip – Feb. 4, 2017

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    Reed Clarke

    Great meeting today. Thanks to Leif and everyone who came out.

    I decided to create a new thread on the Belize trip. We’re now starting to finalize some details, so it’s important that this doesn’t get lost in the previous clutter.

    We have decided to go on a guided trip. With the experience we gain on this outing, we could look at a self-guided trip in the future.

    The core of our trip will be the Paradise Islands ‘classic trip’. This is one of the highlighted trips on the opening page of the Island Expeditions’ website.

    We are planning to combine this with the Wild South extension, where we’ll be riding inflatable kayaks down the Moho River and visiting small Mayan villages. To see details on this, check Our Trips/Getaways and Extensions/Getaways and Extensions Summary/Getaways on the Island Expeditions’ website.

    We have set Saturday, February 4 as ‘Day 0’ for the Paradise Islands portion of the trip. This is the day Island Expeditions would pick us up at the airport, although some may choose to go earlier than this date and rendezvous with the group.

    Leif is going to come back to us with a price. Booking as a group should give us a slight discount on the rates shown in the IE website.

    Cheers, Reed

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    Reed Clarke

    There have been some changes in our dates and itinerary as we’ve worked through everyone’s schedules.

    February 6-9, we are doing the Wild South extension. We’ll be paddling inflatable kayaks down the Moho River, visiting several villages along the way.

    February 9-15, we are doing the Paradise Islands paddle, lodge to lodge sea kayaking in the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve. Along with the kayaking, kayak sailing and snorkeling, we’ll be visiting the Smithsonian Institute at Carrie Bow Caye.

    For more details on these trips, have a look at the Island Expeditions website. (

    There is plenty of room for additional paddlers. You’re welcome to join us in shaking off the winter blues!

    If you are thinking about joining this trip, it’s best to get in soon. As time goes by, lodging and airplane bookings become the limiting factor.

    Saludos Cordiales, Reed

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