Belize – Planning a SKABC Trip South this Winter

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    Randy Chatterjee

    It was suggested to me by more than one SKABC member after October’s inspirational presentation that a coordinated group from our ranks might want to plan a trip down to Belize with Island Expeditions this winter.  So, I’d like to begin that discussion.

    Timing?  The season is November to roughly April, with the peak in February and March (both due to the coldest rainy weather here and the driest conditions there).  When might people want, or be able, to go? It seems a “week” (9-10 days) might be the core of a trip with some going earlier or staying longer to do side trips on the mainland.

    Type of trip?  Guided, semi-guided, loose and dispersed or with a commitment by at least some to stay together, more distance or more snorkeling?   All these are details to hash out or become the grist for a hybrid trip with some time together an the advantage of coordinating/sharing some aspects of the logistics.

    One other advantage of getting a group together is cost.  We might be able arrange a group discount, or at least share some common costs, such as water taxis.

    And finally there is the advantage of going with others you already know and might actually want to spend more time with, both down here and back here in BC afterwards.

    Ideas, thoughts, plans?  Just post them here in reply to this.  No commitment is interpreted from a response, and no doubt only a tiny percentage of those interested will be able to make a finally agreed week for a consensus program.  The discussion alone might also inspire individual trips.

    This year SKABC has to organize MORE TRIPS.  Why not Belize?

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    Rob Leeson

    A great and “appetizing” presentation at the Tues meeting by Island Expeditions.With all that sand and sun let’s get a group together and create a custom trip! Simone had a group of 8 and thoroughly enjoyed her custom trip which she HIGHLY recommends and suggests Feb March are the best times giving “reasonable “ airfares.

    Cheers Rob Leeson

    Emily Glasbey

    Hi Randy, This sounds very interesting to me, having never done a tropical trip.  I’d love to escape around January/February/March.  My vote would be for self-guided, camping, low cost, 7-10 days.  Probably makes sense to meet to discuss once a group of interested people is established.  Cheers, Em.

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