BC Recovery Benefit

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    Nick Heath

    Many of us will qualify for the Prov government’s BC Recovery Benefit of $500 (individual) or $1000 (family).

    I’ve heard it said

    “I don’t really need this extra money, so I won’t claim it.”

    Laudable though that sentiment is, I suggest that there is many a charity that is struggling along on a  mere shoestring budget, so it might be better for that same individual to instead say:

    “I’ll claim the benefit, but donate it to (a) charitable cause(s) of my choice.” 

    BC Marine Trails Network Assn  could be one of those choices, alongside any other that the donor might choose, whether to achieve poverty reduction, wildlife conservation, medical research or whatever other purposes. BCMT have already helped with work that has benefitted sea kayakers in Howe Sd, Discovery Is, Quatsino and many other beautiful coastal areas.

    It is so easy!

    BC Marine Trails

    Registered Canadian charity #812142826 RR0001

    Please consider making a donation via Canada Helps!


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