BC Parks: Marine Recreation Action Plan

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    Debra Merchant

    BC Parks has released its Marine Recreation Action Plan and I encourage you to browse through or dig deep as you wish. This has been a work in progress for several years with significant input from BC Marine Trails (see pg 7). It’s a positive step forward. There are five goals. One is to protect and enhance marine recreation and another is to promote marine stewardship.

    See for yourself: https://nrs.objectstore.gov.bc.ca/kuwyyf/MRAP_2d7821ccf5.pdf

    SKABC will be responding to BC Parks so please post your comments here or directly to me if you prefer.  (conservation1@skabc.org)

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    Nick Heath

    If you or I were to spend 4 or more years coming up with an ‘action plan’, we would insist on it having specific objectives, priorities, resources needed, a timeline and how its success might be measured.

    This action plan seems to have none of these, but it is good that BC Parks recognize that Marine Recreation is something they need t0 pay attention to.

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