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    Debra Merchant

    Steve Best to be speaking at BCMT AGM!

    We loved the recent presentation by JF Marleau about paddling in the Arctic. The team of four paddlers faced harsh conditions. JF’s partner, Justine, faced off a polar bear with a camp chair during her guard watch. Wow! Later the bear returned to the camp, but they were equipped with shotguns and non-lethal ammo as well as bear bangers. The photos in the slideshow reflected the deep beauty of the icebergs and landscape. Most of us plan with charts, but imagine planning with ice charts to navigate the coastline. JF, the owner of SKILS, sponsored the series for our ‘Protecting our Coast’ BCMT work. Thanks, JF. Didn’t know about the presentation? You can get BCMT newsletters by signing up through the footer of our website.

    Our next event will be our AGM on November 25th. Following the AGM we will have a First Nations presentation and then a presentation on the Sea to Sky Marine Trail (STSMT). Earlier in the month one of our directors presented to the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) team on the STSMT. We have received funding jointly with SKABC from the TCT and a provincial funder to add tent platforms and aluminum caches. SKABC principally looks after the STSMT with a team of stewards. We hope later in the year or in early 2024 to work on case studies with other provinces and the TCT on the value of marine recreation. Members and non-members are welcome. Register here: http://www.bcmarinetrails.org/bc-marine-trails-agm

    Remember to check out our Coastal Cafe for articles. Our editorial team edits the articles as they are submitted. A portion of the articles are for members-only, one small benefit of membership. In our next Christmas newsletter, we will have a review of four books or mapbooks for paddlers. You can always keep up to date with the BCMT on our Latest News webpage.

    On the SISKA front: We know everyone is not a happy camper, so a group of paddlers developed http://www.kayakfriendly.com to profile other accommodations. If you could recommend lodgings that are good to launch and land from for kayak tripping, please let Debbie Leach know at director3@siska.ca

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