Atlantis WaV $1200

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    Emily Glasbey

    Length: 16′-5″
    Beam: 22.5″

    Good condition. Former club kayak, very well looked after.

    Fibreglass construction. Rudder. 2 hatches with covers. Paddle included.

    “The WaV is roomy, playful, and elegant. Designed for medium sized paddlers, this kayak can also fit the tallest of paddlers with comfort due to its large cockpit and high volume deck. Its unique hull profile with pronounced keel allows the WaV to track like a much longer boat, yet, once leaned, the WaV becomes playfully quick and responsive.”

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    Sandra Waddle

    Hi! I’m looking at a wav. Is it good for beginners? I assume this one sold?

    Jeff Jones

    This is an old post, but I was wondering if the Atlantis was still available?

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