Apodaca – v small volunteer work party 27 Feb

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    Nick Heath

    Our contractor, Dani Schranz and his son Samuel are working at the site, building a short trail on Tue and Wed next week i.e. 23/24 Feb

    On Sat 27 I plan to visit again by small powerboat with one or maybe 2 volunteers. This is a day trip, starting early from Sunset Marina.

    The task is to clean up clippings, recover tools no longer needed on site and finish off any incomplete jobs.

    I’ll likely repeat  this in another week or so if there is another weather window. I want to use up any unspent grant money from the $3000 allotted by BC Parks for this task – it is to be spent by their 31 Mar year-end.

    Pl contact me at “treasurer2  at skabc  .org ”

    All standard COVID-19 precautions to be taken. Sorry no car pooling, pot-lucks or hugging.

    Nick Heath

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    Nick Heath

    Thanks to the fine efforts of Kapila and Cam and to good weather, we completed the gathering up and burning of the numerous brush clippings left after cutting out the trail. This also took care of any unspent funds in the Park Enhancement Fund (licence plate) grant we received for it.  Nothing further is planned for now. I want BC Parks to take a look themselves and then I’ll try again to persuade them that we/they should continue to develop the paddle-in campsite as they originally planned back in 1984.

    Not to worry, they’ve only managed this park for 63 years so far after it was generously donated to the Province in 1953, so I guess folks should be more patient!

    (Let this be a salutary message to those of us who donate money for parks acquisition and then expect to be able to use that Park within our own lifetimes!)

    Heather Kirk

    Hi Nick,


    I see that you’re already full for this time but I’d be interested for future times. I’m retired now so I can do mid-week now. Yippee!

    Nick Heath

    Thanks to those who replied. It looks full already for Sat 27 Feb. I’ll update for future visits to Apodaca as the task develops.

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