Advice for “new” kayak for me

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    Quirine Schuyff

    I’m in the market for a new (to me) boat and would very much value some advice and feedback. I haven’t paddled anything other than my Delta 17 for a few years  now. I’d like to upgrade to something a bit better suited to my size, and with better performance.

    Main features I want:

    – light weight – must be able to lift it on my own

    – more fitted to my size

    – faster than the Delta

    – better turning than the Delta

    – better performance in varied waters

    – fits enough gear for multi day adventure

    There is a Luna I’m going to have a look at, so would appreciate thoughts on that.

    If you hear/see anything that might be suitable let me know!



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    John Halliday

    NDK Echo

    member Deb Merchant has one.

    Kevin Amos

    To me trying out different boats you get to see what you like and feels good on the water. I was a member at Ecomarine when they existed and tried a lot of different boats. Also, tried some at Club Locarno even though I wasn’t a member. Club Locarno also sells off some of there fleet yearly and a club member got a good deal on a Atlantis. Coast Outdoors was also doing Demo Days recently too.

    Katie Meredith Kovacic

    Luna might be a great fit. Try out something with hard chines too and see which you enjoy more, maybe an Atlantis MisT. My old necky is a very similar shape and I really enjoy how it performs in rougher water and edge turning.

    I also tried out a 16ft Nimbus Njak and really loved how nimble and smooth it was. Only downside for me is I’m too used to high volume packing so the storage was a little small for me.

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