Advice: Current Designs Solstice GTS

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    Quirine Schuyff

    There is one of these for sale in Nanaimo. I would love to be able to paddle one before I commit to traveling there by car to have a look at it, and perhaps buy it. If anyone would be so kind as to let me try it, that would be a great help. Or if you have paddled one and have some thoughts about it, and have an idea of how it might work for me.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Quirine Schuyff

    Thanks Arthur! If there is time I may take you up on that!

    Arthur Chan

    If you want to try a completely different kind of boat, you could try paddling around in my Current Designs Slipstream (not to be confused with the Solstice). Was planning to do the Wednesday evening paddle. It’s a Brit boat, and stability was not mentioned once in the manufacturer’s description, but it’s fun and easy to edge and turn. For day paddles and classes, I’ve found it to be engaging and maneuverable.

    Quirine Schuyff

    Thanks Tim.

    You have the GT right? I think the GTS is a bit smaller. My boat right now is quite stable so I’m looking for a bit more maneuverability and edging capacity. I appreciate your thoughts though.


    Hello, We have two Solstice GTs and they are excellent boats. Ours have rudders. They are comfortable, have very good volume and are stable. I do not know how one would work for you.

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